Finding the Best Car Rental Deal

Renting a Car

The first thing you should know is that car rental costs are high in Bangladesh because cars are more expensive. However, the condition of rental cars has improved greatly over the years, and clean, comfortable, new cars are the norm. The basic cost for a one-day rental of a Volkswagen (VW) Beetle, with unlimited mileage (but before the 15 percent tax and $15,425 daily for insurance), is $35 in Dhaka. Renting by the week gives you a lower daily rate. At present time, some rent a car is offering a basic seven-day weekly rate for a Ford Fiesta (before tax or insurance) of $216 in Dhaka. Prices may be considerably higher if you rent around a major holiday.

Car rental companies usually write a credit card charge in U.S. dollars.

Always get the insurance. Insurance is offered in two parts. Collision and damage insurance covers your car and others if the accident is your fault, and personal accident insurance covers you and anyone in your car. Read the fine print on the back of your rental agreement and note that Insurance may be Invalid if you have an accident while driving on an unpaved road.

Finding the best rental deal

Car rental rates vary even more than airline fares. The price depends on the size of the car, the length of time you keep it, where and when you pick it up and drop it off, where you take it, and a host of other factors.

Asking a few key questions can save you hundreds of dollars. For example, weekend rates may be lower than weekday rates. Ask whether the rate is the same for Friday morning pickup as it is for Thursday night. If you’re keeping the car five or more days, a weekly rate may be cheaper than the daily rate. Some companies may assess a drop-off charge if you don’t return the car to the same renting location; others, notably National, do not. Ask whether the rate is cheaper if you pick up the car at the airport or a location in town.

In addition to the standard coverage, rent a car companies also offer additional liability insurance (if you harm others in an accident), personal accident insurance (if you harm yourself or your passengers), and personal effects insurance (if your luggage is stolen from your car). If you have insurance on your car at home, you’re probably covered for most of this unlikelihood. If your own insurance doesn’t cover you for rentals or if you don’t have auto insurance, consider the additional coverage. But weigh the likelihood of getting into an accident or losing your luggage against the cost of these insurance options (as much as $20 per day combined), which can significantly add to the price of your rental.

Some companies also offer refueling packages, in which you pay for an entire tank of gas upfront. The price is usually fairly competitive with local gas prices, but you don’t get credit for any gas remaining in the tank. If you reject this option, you pay only for the gas you use, but you have to return the car with a full tank or face hefty charges per gallon for any shortfall. If a stop at a gas station on the way to the airport will make you miss your plane, by all means take advantage of the fuel purchase option. Otherwise, skip it.

Remembering that safety comes first

If you decide to rent a car and drive in Bangladesh, you need to keep a few things in mind:

* Most Bangladeshi roads are not up to U.S. standards of smoothness, hardness, width of curve, grade of hill, or safety markings. The roads in and around Dhaka are a notable exception, but elsewhere in the Dhaka, this observation generally holds true.

* Driving at night is dangerous, because the roads aren’t good, and they’re rarely lit; trucks, carts, pedestrians, and bicycles usually have no lights; and you can hit potholes, animals, rocks, dead ends, or in-cross-able bridges without warning.

* Never turn left by stopping in the middle of a highway with your left signal on. Instead, pull off the highway onto the right shoulder, wait for traffic to clear, and then proceed across the road.

* Credit cards are generally not accepted for gas purchases.

* When possible, many Bangladeshi drive away from minor accidents, or try to make an immediate settlement, to avoid involving the police.

The Benefits of Using a Taxi Service

Whether you’re visiting a new city or simply waiting for your car to be repaired, at some point you’ll need a taxi. Sometimes, a taxi service is the most convenient, cost-effective transportation option. Knowing that a cab is always an option, especially when you’re in a bind, can do much to alleviate otherwise unnecessary stress. But even less sticky situations can prompt you to call for that yellow sedan; sometimes, you just want someone else to take the wheel while you enjoy a more intimate experience on the way to your desired destination.

Hailing a Cab is Easier than Ever

Recall all those 90s chick flicks that depict the difficulty of hailing a cab in a big city. The film’s protagonist edges closer and closer to the curb on her tip-toes, arms waving, whistling. And yet, every cab always seems to be taken. That may have been the reality in the 90s, but it’s hardly true today. Making use of cab service these days is quite simple and convenient.

Most services list their phone numbers in the Yellow Pages, as well as online. Customers can even make reservations online by filling out a quick form. What’s more, new smartphone apps can connect you to a driver in no time.

These advances dramatically increase the likelihood of getting a ride without the previous hassle of having to hail a taxi on the street. Now, you can rest assured that one will pick you up from your doorstep or the sidewalk.

Your Car Broke Down Again

Making use of a taxi service is a relatively stress-free solution to all of your travel needs. You can request a car several days ahead of time for a trip to the airport. For one-off trips like grocery shopping, you can request a taxi with a sizable trunk. If you know that you will need a cab to both drop you off and pick you up from a restaurant, you can arrange that, as well.

The Bus Takes Too Long

You might be worried about the cost. After all, taking a bus is seemingly cheaper. But have you ever considered how long you might have to wait to arrive at your final destination with all the bus stops and the pace of the bus itself? Most bus stops don’t plant you exactly where you need to go. You still have to walk (sometimes long distances) to get to where you want to go.

Taxis are more convenient. You don’t have to continue stopping and waiting for others to enter and exit. In a taxi, you can enjoy the ride and sightsee in comfort knowing that the driver is responsible for identifying when you have arrived. No more having to keep a vigilant eye on stops! Plus, a cab will drop you off right at the doorstep of your desired destination.

Supporting Edmonton

Edmonton, Alberta is one of the most bustling cities in all of Canada. With art, culture, music, natural resources, a thriving business scene, top educational institutions and a stunning landscape, it is no wonder it is one of the top Canadian cities to live in, or to visit on a vacation. Known as a gateway to the North, Edmonton offers the comforts of a busy city along with a taste of true Canadian wild ruggedness. Basically, the city of Edmonton has all that anybody could ever ask for in a hometown, or travel destination.

So if you have decided to settle in, or visit Edmonton, then you want to know all about it and the best ways to support the city. The can be done in a variety of ways and you know that you will always feel good when you support local businesses and contribute to the local economy. Also, it’s easy to give back to somewhere with so many fantastic offerings that a place like Edmonton has. In this article we’ll show you how you can do this and get some incredible products and services back in return.

Firstly, use Edmonton businesses to get around the city. There is a transit system in place in Edmonton that has buses running regularly at decent prices. While these don’t go everywhere, they are a good option to take during the day when you are sticking around the city centre. When this isn’t enough, try a yellow taxi in Edmonton. An Edmonton taxi firm will be able to take you where you need to go in Edmonton and when you need to go. A yellow taxi in Edmonton is easy to find, you’ll naturally be able to see yellow taxi driving along the streets, not only due to their bright colour, but also their excellent condition. You can also call and order a yellow taxi in Edmonton, or request one online. Yellow taxis are one of the easiest ways to get around, as they will drop you to whatever location you want at any time of the day or night. They are particularly useful to those visiting and coming from Edmonton airport, as well as those living in Edmonton who don’t have their own car.

Another way to support Edmonton is by giving back to its art and culture scene by attending one of the many festivals that occur there. Edmonton is known as the city of festivals, given that there is nearly always one happening. This summer you could hit up the Edmonton Folk Festival and see many out of town big-name folk acts, as well as great local ones. It’s held in some great venues that you can get to easily with a yellow taxi. And if music isn’t your thing, then hit up a hockey game and get behind the local team, the Edmonton Oilers. Their guys are always great to watch, especially when they play at Rogers Place. Simply find out when the next home game is, hop in a yellow taxi and go!

There are also many great products you can buy in Edmonton, from local Alberta beef to local art, you’ll never be short of what you need. So next time you’re interested in giving back to Edmonton, simply avail yourself of one of these great items and services and receive something great in return.